Tuesday, October 23, 2012 News Update

“[I]t doesn’t require expropriation or confiscation of private property or business to impose socialism on a people. What does it mean whether you hold the deed or the title to your business or property if the government holds the power of life and death over that business or property? Such machinery already exists.” –Ronald Reagan

Romney accuses president of ‘weakness’ abroad, as Obama calls rival ‘all over the map’

Army’s anti-IED system gets a PR push

Jordanian soldier killed in skirmish with militants

Pakistani army’s strategy in question after attacks

France: Iran seems on track for nukes by mid-2013

Islam makes inroads in struggling Haiti

5 Questions with Donald Rumsfeld – ‘Defense spending isn’t the cause of the deficits’

Oldest survivor of Auschwitz dies at 108

Giants move on to World Series beating Cardinals 9-0

Editorial Cartoon

Commentary: Dorothy Rabinowitz: The Unreality of the Past Four Years The Benghazi fiasco is a brutally illuminating portrait of the Obama White House in crisis mode

Decency and Division George McGovern wouldn’t be proud of Obama’s re-election campaign.

The Firm of B. Obama & Associates How a financial analyst might assess the firm and its Fed funders.

Iran Is Closer to a Weapon Than Joe Biden Asserts

“There is but one straight course, and that is to seek truth and pursue it steadily.” –George Washington

Most quotes used on quicknews are H/T to The Patriot Post

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