To the sound of the guns…

Thanks to OWB for the link via the GoE forum.

The ANSWER Coalition; Code Pink; Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation; Cindy Sheehan; Navy Petty Officer Jonathan Hutto, co-founder Appeal for Redress; Malik Rahim, founder of Common Ground Collective, New Orleans; Rev. Graylan Hagler, Ministers for Racial, Social and Economic Justice; Ramsey Clark; Latino Movement USA; Hermandad Mexicana Nacional; Michael Berg; National Lawyers Guild; Father Luis Barrios, Iglesia de San Romero de las Americas – UCC; and many others are joining together to sponsor a large protest in Washington DC timed to coincide with the report by General Petraeus on the “Surge” in Iraq. There will be actions in the halls and offices of Congress in the days following the September 15 march.

I’m already planning.

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