Thursday, September 20, 2012 News Update

“Is it not the glory of the people of America, that whilst they have paid a decent regard to the opinions of former times and other nations, they have not suffered a blind veneration for antiquity, for custom, or for names, to overrule the suggestions of their own good sense, the knowledge of their own situation, and the lessons of their own experience? To this manly spirit, posterity will be indebted for the possession, and the world for the example of the numerous innovations displayed on the American theatre, in favor of private rights and public happiness.” –James Madison, Federalist No. 14, 1787

Al Qaeda, ex-Gitmo detainee involved in consulate attack, intelligence sources say

DHS report warned last week of call for ‘burning the embassy down’ in Cairo

Israel stages largest snap exercise in years

Probe of Secret Service prostitution scandal may cite White House advance staff involvement

China unveils stealth jet during Panetta trip

Western report – Iran ships arms, personnel to Syria via Iraq

House OKs memorial for unidentified remains

Egyptian Copt jailed for ‘insulting Islam, Morsi’ on Facebook

Libya killings said to be ‘terrorist attack’

Officials: Iranian Quds Force poses threat to U.S. homeland

Editorial Cartoon

Commentary: Media Matters: Obama Administration Mouthpiece

Management failures cited in ‘Fast and Furious’ report

Vive la France Paris is defending American values more vigorously than Washington is.

Releasing the Blind Sheikh?

“[N]either the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt.” –Samuel Adams

Most quotes used on quicknews are H/T to The Patriot Post

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