Geezer Action Pron – A Saturday Silly

Preface: I’m older than most here, less sane than most here, and certainly less physically able than some here to be grabbing a gun and chasing down bad guys. However, if said bad guys are foolish enough to offer a target that don’t require me to be chasing anyone I’m game.

While I was once (I think) tough enough to bear hunt with a willow switch I’ve come to enjoy a more vicarious life.

That said: I do get a kick out of some of the comic book actions movies, I’ll admit, but there’s anotherĀ  sub-genre I call Geezer Action Pron that simply tickles me.

Take a marginally improbable plot, toss in some elder hero types – add guns, knives, and things that go BOOM, and Viola!

The first that comes to mind might be “Under Siege”, and/or even “Heartbreak Ridge” . Neither quite fits the spec, but… with lines like “He’s just a cook” and “you’re an anachronism” they do set a tone that jibes to me?

Then came “Red“! This one defined the genre quite nicely.

Then along came “The Expendables” to further refine the definition.

And now in less than a week we have “The Expendables – 2” coming to a nearby theater. Okay so this really doesn’t need a preview OR a trailer. It ain’t “Stars Wars” or LOTR, but I’m looking forward to it!

You folks got any suggestions I’ve missed that fit the genre?

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