Questions That Don’t Get Asked Enough: Who Is A Veteran?

This post just might get me dumped at TAH? Paranoia strikes deep?

We have two formal institutions in this country that deal with Vets. The DVA and those programs for our retired military.

Each involves  a set of bureaucrats, and yet  they each stumble rather a lot. Anyone Surprised? Jonn has an agenda that may not survive. The noise about trimming Tricare is only temporarily abated.

Here’s the thing… Who in DC has the nerve to meld the two?

If our President, who never served in any military capacity gets re-elected what will get cut? This question is not the ravings of some crazy.  President Obama’s second term is generating some non-trivial questions, not the least of which has to do with us? A second term means HE will decide…

Gonna refer back to a post I offered on the broader issue.  Can’t leave Russ out either. Some vets are proactive.

Still… Do YOU want a voice? SOS is offering one.



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