Gathering of Eagles – my personal take

I didn’t kick ass and take names. I saw, and heard, the moonbats and shitheads only from a distance.

I was a REMF, and that’s it.

From the Operations Center I could see The Wall directly below me. Whenever I felt little guilty or particularly cold I drew warmth from the line of people slowly passing those names.

When Larry Bailey named me Petty Officer in Charge (NCOIC for you Army types) of communications for the event I admit I didn’t quite realize how it would be on The Day. But you volunteer and you take your chances.

None of the above should be interpreted as complaint nor excuse… I am so proud of what we accomplished I could bust. I did my job and did it well.

Kind of a boring report… but there it is.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How about explaining what you did, for people who don’t understand NCOIC stuff?


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