Searching For Jefferson

Hello All This is Doc Bailey. On my first post here I thought I’d talk about a problem we all face. How do we “frame” in current terms what the Framers were trying to say. To be sure Abortion, Gay Rights, Labor Unions, and a number of other issues that face us today weren’t even thought about let alone planned for.

Every time we try to create laws knowingly or not we are trying desperately at times to emulate the Founders, and to have the same impact that they did. Did the Healthcare Bill in anyway seem to have the same gripping power of say, “We hold these truths to be self evident. . . ” not even close. Indeed despite the fact that Jefferson and Adams were not present at the signing of the Constitution their Ideas and ideals had as much to do with the shaping of our constitution as Washington or Madison. One we would classify as a Liberal (Adams) the other a Conservative (Jefferson). Both men in their own way shaped and defined this country for the centuries to come.

The Bill that has become generally known as “Obamacare” actually has more pages, tan even the longest Harry Potter book. The constitution is ONE page. Granted the writing is pretty small, but its still one single page. That single page allowed us to build a transcontinental railroad, create the areospace industry, fight totalitarianism, weather anti-establishment chaos, send men to the moon, and make Men the world over Free.

One has only to compare ourselves to the EU and their monstrosity of a constitution to know that despite the fact that ours is only one page, it is VERY special. The most amazing thing about it is you don’t actually need a million words to define your guiding principles. In fact the fewer words you have in your founding documents the better. Europe is a mess. We’re trying to follow suite. Why? because we try to create these vast laws to cover every POSSIBLE contingency when that isn’t NECESSARY.

Why our laws seem to have less and less effect (and strangely enough why we seem to need more and more) is BECAUSE we’re trying to get every base covered. If we were to boil things down to very simple laws, like say 5 of the ten commandments (the so called “secular” commandments) we would have a far simpler time enforcing the laws. What’s hard to understand about don’t steal, don’t cheat, don’t lie, don’t kill, and make your parents proud?

Like it or not we are getting lost in the sea of our own laws, desperately searching for the clarity of Jefferson. People in this country, but most especially those in the Government have forgotten that the government can not “give” rights. These rights are “secured” or guarded by that government. Whatever power a government has, it is derived from the consent of those governed. The Government has no more “right” to tax the ever loving snot out of a rich man as it has to send a poor man to prison for not paying his debts.

We search in vain for a voice to light up our dark moments, when the Glory of Lady Liberty seems to dim, and all we can see is the grey abyss of Debt. But these voices are not lost. They have been the same voices we have had since the beginning. The same voices of Hamilton, Payne Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Monroe, and Washington. Those voices are still there. They can still tell us what we need to know about important issues like Debt, the role of Government, and what an American Society should look like. The current crisis we find ourselves in occurred only wen we forgot those voices. We can fix this crisis by simply remembering WHO WE ARE.

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