Wednesday, January 18, 2012 News Update

“This balance between the National and State governments ought to be dwelt on with peculiar attention, as it is of the utmost importance. It forms a double security to the people. If one encroaches on their rights they will find a powerful protection in the other. Indeed, they will both be prevented from overpassing their constitutional limits by a certain rivalship, which will ever subsist between them.” –Alexander Hamilton, speech to the New York Ratifying Convention, 1788

Strong signs Iran is supplying Syria with weapons, US says

Clinton says Yemen leader has reneged on promises

Anti-Taliban Afghan tribal leader killed in mosque

Motive in Kabul shooting deaths remains elusive

Expert Says Beheadings in U.S. Look Like Work of Cartels

Iraq’s Sunni-backed Cabinet ministers suspended

158 Peace Corps volunteers leave Honduras

Where to start in repealing Obamacare

Military pretrial begins over USS Cole bombing

Editorial Cartoon

Commentary: An Ignored ‘Disparity’

Why They Stood and Cheered Gingrich confronts the left’s insidious theory of racial supremacy.

Obama Brings Back the Constitution Thanks to his executive overreach, Americans take a renewed interest in our fundamental governing document.

Pistol-Packing By the Millions; A Viennese garage-tinkerer heard that the Austrian army wanted a new sidearm. He got down to work—with industrial plastic.

“If our country, when pressed with wrongs at the point of the bayonet, had been governed by its heads instead of its hearts, where should we have been now? Hanging on a gallows as high as Haman’s.” –Thomas Jefferson, letter to Maria Cosway, 1786

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