Wednesday, November 30, 2011 News Update

“And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are the gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with his wrath? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep for ever.” –Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia, Query 18, 1781

Marine Who Received Medal of Honor Fights Allegations He is Mentally Unstable

Satellite Image Shows ‘Extensively Damaged’ Iranian Missile Site

40K troops to leave Afghanistan by end of 2012

U.S. suspects NATO was lured into raid

Sailors celebrate Enterprise’s 50th birthday

Tunisia secular, Islamist students clash on campus

Obama’s Job Approval Drops Below Carter’s

Editorial Cartoon

Commentary: Gingrich and Immigration

Morning Bell: How the EPA May Cost You Thousands

The Receding Democratic Majority? Obama has a “path to 270.” Republicans hope he makes it even farther.

Blame It on Berlin – The euro bailout caucus wants the Germans to write a blank check.

Where Were Penn State’s Trustees? When the most highly paid employee is the football coach, it’s clear something is awry.

“But ambitious encroachments of the federal government, on the authority of the State governments, would not excite the opposition of a single State, or of a few States only. They would be signals of general alarm. … But what degree of madness could ever drive the federal government to such an extremity.” –James Madison, Federalist No. 46, 1788

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