Monnday, June 27, 2011 News Update

“As our president bears no resemblance to a king so we shall see the Senate has no similitude to nobles. First, not being hereditary, their collective knowledge, wisdom, and virtue are not precarious. For by these qualities alone are they to obtain their offices, and they will have none of the peculiar qualities and vices of those men who possess power merely because their father held it before them.” –Tench Coxe, An American Citizen, No. 2, 1787

Pentagon sending $45M in equipment to Somalia

Obama gave commanders leeway on July pullout

Editorial Cartoon

Commentary: Is the economy so complicated?

George Soros and the Muslim Brotherhood

Why Can Academics Study ‘Islamophobia’ but Not Anti-Semitism?

Genocide In Sudan – Again

To model our political system upon speculations of lasting tranquility, is to calculate on the weaker springs of the human character. –Alexander Hamilton1788 — Federalist No. 34

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