I Have a Purple Heart

I was an Army brat the first few years of my life. I have vague memories (or memories of memories?) of several Army posts; in Georgia, in Arizona, and another place or two. Then my dad was deployed to some place called Korea in 1950.

Three additional memories are a bit more vivid – the day we were notified he was Missing in Action and, sometime later, that his remains had been recovered, and finally, his funeral. I wasn’t allowed to go.

I have a Purple Heart.

He is buried in our home town, and there’s a small memorial in the city park there with his name inscribed. I visit both as often as I can. Even though I was only five or six at the time and will be 65 in about a month I still miss him. I have pictures and memories, and…

I have a Purple Heart.

For many others, like myself, Memorial Day has a face.

I’m heading up to Gettysburg shortly so a line from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address comes to mind easily:  “that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion”

So don’t wish me a happy Memorial Day because…

I have a Purple Heart.


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  1. Amen Zero:
    And an off-topic comment:
    Hello Zero:
    I believe our paths have crossed. Did you not write at “Old War Dogs” for a bit, with the late Bill Faith? If so, remember the first “Old War Dog” mascot? The Belgian Malinois Shepherd? She was my Sunny, and I did up the first of the designs that were featured there.
    I still have my Cafepress shop, and am doing quite well, and am in a heaven made just for those who support the troops, living here just off Eglin AFB.
    Keep up the good writing, and now that I know about this site, I will bookmark it and put it in my list of reads.
    Frankie Cee

  2. Ponsdorf says:

    Yep, that was/is me.

  3. I dropped away from OWD’s for some time and then when I hit the site, I saw an obit on Bill. I knew he was ill but didn’t suspect it was anything fatal.
    I think that sometime ago, you bought a cap or mug or something from my OWD line.
    Your site reminds me of a current country song: “I hear voices”. LOL
    I hope this “Decoration/Memorial Day” is all that you need it to be. I hope to visit the Vietnam Memorial Wall South at Pensacola this weekend.
    Quite a place.

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