March 30 2011 – Welcome Home Vietnam Vets

Considered doing a post about this, but that would be kinda like being the only one around to wish yourself happy birthday. Thanks Jonn.

For myself:

Wasn’t in the mud, but could smell it.
Wasn’t in the jungle, but could see it.
Didn’t fly combat missions, but helped rescue some that did.
Got shot at, and shot back.

Then we all came home and shared a thing or two that was just maybe more important.

Got spit at, and called names.
Went to the VFW (et al) and were turned away.
‘Lost’ our uniforms and shrunk a bit when Vietnam was mentioned.

Not all, perhaps, but many learned to just stay out of sight.

But we watched…

Somewhere, somehow, something unspoken grew.

From that amorphous beginning a simple two word phrase started being heard… Never Again!

Never again will our military come home to unanswered curses and finger pointing.

That torch has been handed on quite nicely, so I feel free to answer your thanks with; You Are Welcome.

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3 Responses to March 30 2011 – Welcome Home Vietnam Vets

  1. Kriste says:

    No editing needed. 😉

    Thank you, my friend.

  2. BillT says:

    Never again, indeed.

    Welcome back, Brother.

  3. 1stCavRVN11B says:

    But we aren’t through fighting yet. And home ain’t what it was when we left for Vietnam.
    Nope. We still got some cleaning to do. Thinning the herd so to speak!

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