Libya: Just Another Police Action?

My dad was KIA in Korea.  Not directly relevant, I admit, but  President Truman observed:

Q. Mr. President, would it be correct, against your explanation, to call this a police action under the United Nations?

THE PRESIDENT. Yes. That is exactly what it amounts to.

Some of you readers may not be concerned with ancient history, but I see a connection of sorts. Truman – the President who dropped the bombs couldn’t use the word, and we yet again have a White House that plays with words concerning Libya.

Rhodes said.  “Obviously that involves kinetic military action, particularly on the front end.”

A bit earlier Jonn noted a poll that said that 17 percent of Americans see President Barack Obama as a strong and decisive military leader?

Why even that many? Burke observed:

“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”

I’ll add, before anyone else does, we no longer teach – or care much about – history.

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  1. BooRadley says:

    the situation is disturbing, that is for sure.

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