Could We or Would We Bother?

John Donovan over at Castle Argghh!!! has a post up that offers some historical perspective as to what this country has been able to achieve in the past. It’s worth reading as a reminder in any case, but his closing question seems a bit off target?

I just wonder, in this day where we feed data into computers and await the result, if we could do it again…  or have we lost some of the essential art to the machine?  Probably, but sometimes, I gotta wonder if computers haven’t made us less functional in some key ways – all while undoubtedly enhancing and freeing us in others.

I’ll posit that computers, other advanced automation devices, and even current logistic concepts  could have offered dramatic assistance during WWII, but would have negligible impact now.

Why? Perhaps the most gentle answer might be  inertia, or maybe simple ennui.

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