The Zombies are Coming – NOT!

Had an encounter with a zombie yesterday. I was a member of Old War Dogs. This by itself is mostly irrelevant.

BUT!!!¬† Blackfive has a post up dated yesterday that has a comment from Bill Faith – our old webmaster. It’s dated Dec 18.
Bill Faith has been dead for a while and yet managed  a comment?


Well… after talking to a couple of people over the next half hour or so one of THEM (thanks Rurik) noticed the actual date of the comment from Bill was December 18, 2004!

Now I don’t actually believe in zombies or the like, but some odd thoughts (even for ME!) did run through my head. Toss in there that I had been thinking about OWD and Bill for a few days and Viola!

This one is going to come back and haunt me one way or another I’m quite sure.

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2 Responses to The Zombies are Coming – NOT!

  1. OWB says:

    Kinda like maybe the stray urge that brought me here today?

  2. Ponsdorf says:

    Yeah, like that.

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