Remember Flight 93

A week or so ago The Wife and I visited the Flight 93 Memorial place. I’ve been percolating about it since that’s why I refer to it a a place.

I had to come home and look at the pictures from my last visit to confirm my dismay. Back then there was an immediacy and heart-felt feeling. Now it is sterile.

I won’t expand here, unless someone asks.

ETA: I will be putting up some pictures here shortly.

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3 Responses to Remember Flight 93

  1. Val says:

    I totally agree with your comments. I live here and am sick at heart at what has happened. It used to be so warm and calming to go there. That feeling started
    as we began driving up Skyline. Now it’s cold and souless. The very essence of what drew people from all over the world no longer exists.

  2. 'Sweetie' says:

    Please expand…

  3. Supe says:

    I am sorry that I didn’t make it there years ago when I had the chance. As I tend to trust your feel for things, I will probably never bother going at all now.

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