And then there are a few…

SemperPapa has a post up that I wish I’d written.

I have tried, but it always seems to be a whine of some sort.

Let me offer his last coupla paragraphs:

And even if today the disgrace represented by the offspring of the 60s and 70s, by the successors of Hanoi Jane and John Kerry, has one of their ideological own in the White House, our Nation can still find hope in the Vietnam Vet still manning the perimeter and in the members of the today’s Great Generation, embodied by people like Allen West, Pete Hegseth and David Bellavia, and millions of other veterans who will, regardless of their place in our society, return this great Nation to its founding principles.

So, thank you Vietnam Vets and thank you to our newest Veterans. We, the true lovers of our freedom and our Country, will never forget.

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