Some Folks Never Learn

There’s a post up over at Big Hollywood by Humberto Fontova that been rattling around in my head.

First a disclaimer for those who don’t already know: I was at Woodstock. I’d just got back from VietNam (yes I was spit at) and gleefully spent the summer in the counter culture – free love and all that.

To be honest – some of the references in the linked article are dated, but I’ve seen the current crop of Che t-shirts and am well aware of the love affair Hollywood, and others, have with Fidel and Che.

Thing is… Only the most ignorant and/or agenda driven folks could STILL be lauding either one.

I feel a certain pity for those folks, but really don’t understand why they behave as they do.

Tsar Putin has simply reiterated a long standing statist policy.

Vladimir Putin today angrily dismissed protests against his regime as “provocations” and said anyone who took part in unsanctioned street rallies against the Kremlin should expect a “whack on the bonce”.

Seems to me being whacked on the bonce would be whole lot better than what Castro and Che perpetrated. To say nothing of Stalin and a rather long list of similar ‘dear leader’ types.

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