Me and the Teams

This post prompted by a post at TAH.

The StolenValor act is under attack, Maybe justifiably so.  I DO feel that there is a line that can be crossed of note, yet Free Speech does offer some wiggle room that shouldn’t be ignored.

Myself, I have (in a bar, drinking, etc) noted that I have spent some time with The Teams. It’s true AND not on my DD-214! It’s not some Secret Squirrel stuff, nor does it rise to the point trying to be included with many Navy guys who served with some honor in any of several Team support missions.

On Guam I dove with some folks while spear fishing!

I mention this only in the sense of limits. I never claimed any medals/ribbons I didn’t earn.

My point, and there is one, is that I’m not so sure that outright fraud need include drunken bar yammering.

The guy over at TAH exploited his alleged record.

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  1. OWB says:

    Seems to be one of the forgotten arts – the ability to phrase something in such a way that folks are likely to jump to the wrong conclusion. Perhaps that lack of imagination is to blame for so much lying and fraud these days…

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