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The Capture Effect

The capture effect is a real RF technical phenomenon – via Wiki: “The capture effect is defined as the complete suppression of the weaker signal at the receiver limiter (if it has one) where the weaker signal is not amplified, … Continue reading

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He didn’t go THERE, did he?

Seriously? The Donald actually criticized John McCain for being captured? Unbelievable. Guess it’s better to place yourself in a position of having no possibility of being captured than to step up and get captured. After being shot down. And injured … Continue reading

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My Reaction is Anger

If what a terrorist desires is to strike fear among us, it’s not working with me. I am angry not afraid. I don’t care who commits a terrorist act, why they do it, or what their agenda might be. I … Continue reading

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Wax On – Wax Off

Geezer Update: I’ve struggling with a variety of issues pertaining to putting words on the screen. Setting aside those mundane elements that few will care about; I am simply frightened. It seems that everyday there’s at least one new revelation … Continue reading

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