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A Time for Gratitude

Gratitude is one of those things which is good to have every day. It is so important that a special day is set aside for that specific purpose in spite of it having now morphed into also being synonymous with … Continue reading

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When A Song Uses a Hammer to Make a Point.

You may not be interested in the genesis of the tune, but when it grabs hold of something you can’t ignore ya gotta acknowledge that thing. Here is my current reality hammer: I have known those faces… BUT some of … Continue reading

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Zero and the Giant Thumping Machine – A Tale of Almost Terror

I approached the imposing building quite late in the day with some trepidation.  The doors were inviting enough, I guess, and they did swing open as I neared, but there were no humans in sight. I was there for a … Continue reading

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Oh what a tangled web we weave

Everyone knows the second line of the quote attributed to Sir Walter Scott. I’ll leave it to your Google-Fu if you are curious enough to explore. My small point is a reflection of OUR current news.  And the phonies dancing … Continue reading

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Beware: I Usually Get It Wrong….

Spent time yesterday with some young folks at my local grade school.  It went well.  Actually got a medal? Read Jonn’s post about today… His post is/was moving, It captured my feelings rather profoundly, BUT even though it ain’t Memorial day … Continue reading

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Vets Deserve Better

Vets Deserve Better Care, and Obama Knows It (Yet Fails to Provide It) by Kevin L. Martin There are plenty of veterans such as myself who see President Obama’s public reaction to the scandal at the Department of Veterans Affairs … Continue reading

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Hope and Change?

Change is coming.  It may already be here.  There was an election earlier this week.  Among other things, 11 new members of Congress have military service according to the National Journal.  Not a large percentage of the 60 total new … Continue reading

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