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Thank You For Your Service

I think I posted about this before, but it happened again today and I STILL get rattled when it happens – enough to post about it yet again. Some back-story: For 30 plus years I didn’t acknowledge my Vietnam service … Continue reading

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Ebola, What’s the Plan?

This ebola thing has had many of us scratching our heads.¬† Not sure if we are confused, frustrated, angry, all the above, or something else, but we are at best not happy with the official response. With the recent news … Continue reading

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Somebody’s been grumbling about my having made no recent posts. Fear not. There are still plenty of opinions rolling around in this old noggin. In the meanwhile, a very interesting event occurred¬†in April (we are only just now hearing about … Continue reading

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Jumping Out of Perfectly Good Things

Some here have actually jumped out of perfectly good aircraft. I planned to do a tandem jump on my 65th birthday a few years ago and even invited Jonn to join me, but it never happened. I wanted to jump … Continue reading

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Worse Ahead – Satire?

With the influx of possibly bad intentioned/diseased illegal immigrants from down south AND talk of actually bringing Ebola patients HERE for treatment there are rumors that there may be worse to come!!!! This cute little critter has been mentioned among … Continue reading

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Who Ya Gonna Call?

Saw this AP story and fought off a brief episode of paranoia to wonder why he would NOT be calling out Homeland Defense, and/or the CDC or any of the myriad Federal agencies actually tasked with this sort of thing? … Continue reading

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Relax… It IS Gonna Be Okay

Read Hondo’s post about Global Warming with some concerns. Then I discovered that SecDef Hagel and the Brass Hats are taking care of it. “We’re seeing the impacts” from global warming across Army facilities, said Katharine Hammack, assistant Army secretary … Continue reading

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NOT News, but Educational, Sorta

Pushing the TAH limits, I’m afraid. I keep seeing this story during my routine “News” scans during the day. Mind you, my interest is sketchy at best, but I hadda bring it up here to be filed under “curious” as … Continue reading

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It Is Hunting Season Here in WV… Or Something?

I don’t actively hunt anymore myself, got a pal who does hunt our 75 acres and gives us more venison than we can eat for the privilege… That aside, there is another way I can tell when the season begins. … Continue reading

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The Shape of Things to Come?

With acknowledgements to H. G. Wells. I’ll offer that, at least, 80% of the jobs on US Navy ships could practically be performed by robots…At least until something breaks – for now anyway. This story certainly demonstrates a step down … Continue reading

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