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On a day when bad news abounds, there IS a glimmer of hope. Beer flavonoid may boost brain power! As a diabetic I have to be careful,  BUT who didn’t know that beer boosted brain power anyways? There IS a … Continue reading

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More “Workplace Violence”

Since a goodly number of folks seem to have either never learned or have forgotten some basic facts of life, here’s a primer on a few which relate directly to murder statistics. When collecting data, arbitrary identifiers are necessary in … Continue reading

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Irony Writ Large

The older I get the more Irony I see. Likely it was always there. but it does seem rampant just now. I won’t explore all of those details here, but… This article : “Russia at U.N. accuses U.S., allies of … Continue reading

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But I just don’t much like Opera

One of the most difficult concepts to communicate, for me anyway, is that I can admire the vocal skill and emotive chops of an opera star… BUT I still wouldn’t walk across the street to SEE an opera. Ballet dancers … Continue reading

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On Boredom…

Seems that getting older can lead to a certain boredom? If one hangs their soiled underwear out for all to see it gets boring after a bit. In my case FaceBook engendered a phase. So, this here place is my … Continue reading

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That seems to be an often used word these days, but the latest one for me is wondering why there are so many US owned weapons, weapon systems, and various armaments left, apparently abandoned, in the Middle East. Some were … Continue reading

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