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Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads and father figures out there.  Here’s hoping that your day was fun, or at least interesting. This is one of those bittersweet days. Some of us can no longer celebrate it. Some of … Continue reading

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A Lesson from Bergdahl

Of course there are lessons to be learned from this entire fiasco. There always are, even when everything goes quite well. The results of not learning or not doing the right thing can become tragic. It appears that that is … Continue reading

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Dare We Hope?

With an apology for my last post which reflected more hopelessness than usual, do we dare hope that the entire truth will be told about Bergdahl? It looks like too many people are posting similar accounts in too many places … Continue reading

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Bergdahl Released

Yeah, yeah, yeah. He’s finally and at last been released from captivity, or whatever it was. He may now face disciplinary action for his desertion, or whatever it was. Not certain that much discussion is warranted beyond that until all … Continue reading

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