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Million Vet March

It was a chilly, damp morning.  By the time I got there about 8:20 am, someone had already removed and stacked the barriers from around the World War Two Memorial.  Lots of people,  500 to 1000 or so(I’m a little … Continue reading

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“Don’t Make Me Come Over There!”

But they did.  I am in Arlington VA, getting ready to attend whatever it is that is going on at the Mall tomorrow.  Mostly, I am going to see with my own eyes what the bracken frack is being done … Continue reading

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Irony in the District

Once again DC has managed to expose, whether by accident or design, a huge irony in our current method of governance.  We are today seeing the juxtaposition of groups of people congregating on the Mall representing concurrently the best and … Continue reading

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