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May I Buy a Vowel, Alex?

We need a new headline.  The usual “Crazy Vet with a Scary Gun” may still be somewhat effective, but has become too predictable.  It has been used so often, and not always accurately, that it is simply boring.  If the … Continue reading

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It’s 9-11, Again

Every year the reflections on this day occur.  Sometimes they are overwhelming.  But this year something occurred within me that may have been there all along but only now came to consciousness. As a small manner of honor for those … Continue reading

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McCain: ‘Allahu Akhbar!’ Just Means ‘Thank God!’

Really? Have you lost your mind, Senator McCain? Let’s assume for a moment that indeed the words literally mean the same thing.  So what? We have all seen pictures of young males screaming “Allahu Akhbar” with raised weapons in the … Continue reading

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