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Memorial Day

Sometimes others say what needs to be said… A question from Lew Waters, and an answer via  Greyhawk at Mudville. Our current national zeitgeist demands both when considering a day dedicated to those who’ve fallen. Most do forget, and there’s … Continue reading

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DADT An Alternative MilBlog Perspective

CJ at A Soldier’s Perspective has provided an alternative view on the recent statement offered up by some in the milblog community. I don’t understand the need for the first statement so I’m signing on to CJ’s response.

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The TEA Party – A New Narrative?

Attempts at denigrating the tea party movement with charges of racism, and more mundane efforts using name calling have had little impact across the country. But there is a new narrative being written that might have legs. It boils down … Continue reading

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A Fresh Look at Vietnam – Sorta?

Sometimes I stumble across an article that makes me go “I wish I’d said that”.  Sometimes it’s just fresh perspective. Jim Guirard’s article offers both. AND it was sent along by my pal Rurik. Entitled “The Two Vietnam Wars” the … Continue reading

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