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Hope and Change?

Change is coming.  It may already be here.  There was an election earlier this week.  Among other things, 11 new members of Congress have military service according to the National Journal.  Not a large percentage of the 60 total new … Continue reading

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Thank You For Your Service

I think I posted about this before, but it happened again today and I STILL get rattled when it happens – enough to post about it yet again. Some back-story: For 30 plus years I didn’t acknowledge my Vietnam service … Continue reading

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Bergdahl Released

Yeah, yeah, yeah. He’s finally and at last been released from captivity, or whatever it was. He may now face disciplinary action for his desertion, or whatever it was. Not certain that much discussion is warranted beyond that until all … Continue reading

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More VA Woes

One nice thing about the current controversy at the VA is that some of us older folks are seeing something we thought might never occur again in this country. There are extremists and people all along the continuum between the … Continue reading

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Solutions For The VA

Anyone who is not fuming over the VA situation need read no further. These few words would have no impact on such heartless ingrates masquerading as human beings, so don’t waste your time. It seems pretty clear that any randomly … Continue reading

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Is This Our Future?

Whether we like it or not, the United States military has long been the largest segment of socialism present in our society. It is an example of taking a bad idea and turning it into something worthwhile. At least in … Continue reading

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Valor Thieves

There has been much published about Valor Thieves and why they do it. It’s a baffling condition to many of us, especially when military veterans whose military service appears quite honorable, even worthy of great honor, add to the accolades … Continue reading

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Magnum Opus? Nah.

Been watching back-to-back episodes of Magnum P.I. Why? Well this time of year seeing Hawaii is a plus, for one thing. Background: We lived in Hawaii while this series was being made, just not on Oahu. Although I did met … Continue reading

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Memories from 1972

We who remember December 1972 do so with very mixed emotions each year.  A friend forwarded a short essay today by POW Mike Benge discussing the Christmas lights over Hanoi that year.  His words brought up so many thoughts, some … Continue reading

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Really? Everyone Lies?

Something has been bothering me for a few days that has had me scratching my head, pondering the meaning of life, and some other stuff as well.  Some of it may even have some intellectual depth, but if so, it … Continue reading

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