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An Anniversary

Ten years ago this morning a group of patriots, mostly veterans, gathered in Washington DC to counter a disgusting assembly of lefty scum as they met at the Wall to recreate their 1967 march on the Pentagon. There are so many … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Radical Activism

College campus riots are nothing new but seem to be fashionable again.  Screeching lefties developed the practice into a fine art in the 60’s and have never really stopped.  They changed their tactics as they aged but took the time … Continue reading

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Wreaths Across America

Yesterday was my maiden voyage into the world with Wreaths Across America.  The past few years, my intentions were good but my follow-through was lacking.   So, after sending a check for some wreaths, the next logical step was to participate in the actual … Continue reading

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So Many Issues, So LIttle Time

The Primaries are winding down and it looks like the presidential candidates are locked down. Not gonna worry about that one for a while. The local elections have occurred in my AOR and for the most part turned out to … Continue reading

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He didn’t go THERE, did he?

Seriously? The Donald actually criticized John McCain for being captured? Unbelievable. Guess it’s better to place yourself in a position of having no possibility of being captured than to step up and get captured. After being shot down. And injured … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Melancholy – An Annual Re-post

Two or three times a year some of us geezer types get a bit tangled up in old times. Late April and much of May include several dates that trigger memories here. Late April because my pop was declared KIA … Continue reading

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Just A Sailor

Preface: Title blatantly stolen from Steve Waterman’s book “Just A Sailor”. We met once and I have a signed copy.  Kinda happy to give him a nod here. —- This post may seem a bit of a whine, perhaps, but … Continue reading

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Twenty-Two per Day?

It seems that “twenty-two veteran suicides occur per day” has become common knowledge. At that rate, there are 8,030 each year and 80,300 in a decade. That certainly is quite a significant number. If those numbers only represent veterans, including suicides among … Continue reading

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Why Do States Need Stolen Valor Statutes?

A federal law exists, so do individual states really need to enact their own Stolen Valor statutes? That question can only be answered by the citizens of each state. But, each state has a Constitution, laws against things like fraud … Continue reading

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Vets Deserve Better

Vets Deserve Better Care, and Obama Knows It (Yet Fails to Provide It) by Kevin L. Martin There are plenty of veterans such as myself who see President Obama’s public reaction to the scandal at the Department of Veterans Affairs … Continue reading

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