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Simple Truth

Sometimes the easiest explanation really is the best explanation.  In the case of a bunch of women showing up to gaggle upon the Mall with like-minded other women, perhaps attempting to figure out their purpose in doing so is a … Continue reading

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And the Point was?

Against my better judgement, a few thoughts are proffered on whatever that display was yesterday in Washington, DC. What many are asking first is, “What was the point of the exercise?”  I would be among those who question if there … Continue reading

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Hate Crimes. Part 7,836?

Hate crimes are in the news again. Oh, goody. Who decided that some crimes are worse than others, some victims more special than other victims, and whatever other criteria is used to make some crimes “hate crimes” while others are … Continue reading

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Now What?

As we enter a new year, we are looking at a new day, potentially a new era for our country.  Much has been written about what it all means and how we got here, with an inordinate amount of attention … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas, All!

Holidays can be a very interesting time.  They pack good memories for some, bad memories for others, and some of each for many of us.  Christmas has a lot of both for me.  It is a bitter sweet time of … Continue reading

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Wreaths Across America

Yesterday was my maiden voyage into the world with Wreaths Across America.  The past few years, my intentions were good but my follow-through was lacking.   So, after sending a check for some wreaths, the next logical step was to participate in the actual … Continue reading

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Are We There Yet?

When you get this far behind in commenting on the topics of the day, the task of jumping back into the fray can be daunting indeed. On the other hand, starting in the middle or anywhere else along the continuum … Continue reading

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So Many Issues, So LIttle Time

The Primaries are winding down and it looks like the presidential candidates are locked down. Not gonna worry about that one for a while. The local elections have occurred in my AOR and for the most part turned out to … Continue reading

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Yes, Virginia, there is still Another Voice

With some of the contributors here moving and others dealing with spousal unit health crises, it might look as if we got lost somewhere in the ether. Not so, Virginia! We still have opinions on the dreadful job J F’ng … Continue reading

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He didn’t go THERE, did he?

Seriously? The Donald actually criticized John McCain for being captured? Unbelievable. Guess it’s better to place yourself in a position of having no possibility of being captured than to step up and get captured. After being shot down. And injured … Continue reading

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