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Random Thoughts

If Monday morning only essential personnel are supposed to report to work, why are those who are not essential employed on any other day? One year ago the adults took over. It’s been ugly at times, but things look better … Continue reading

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Hello? Can You Hear Me?

We haven’t really disappeared from the blogosphere. Not even certain why it has been so long since either of us has opined about something. Surely a couple of aging vets still can formulate something to say about all that is … Continue reading

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Principled Reality vs Situational Relativism

Some of us were introduced to a new term today as President Trump began his first international tour in Saudi Arabia.  That theme expresses precisely the hope many of us have for his term in office.  We saw him as … Continue reading

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Spring Has Sprung

Signs of spring abound – lawns being mowed, birds chirping, flowers in bloom, and trees budding out. Intermittent rains fall in preparation for seeds soon to be planted. New growth, rebirth, and a general sense of new opportunities, even well … Continue reading

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An Anniversary

Ten years ago this morning a group of patriots, mostly veterans, gathered in Washington DC to counter a disgusting assembly of lefty scum as they met at the Wall to recreate their 1967 march on the Pentagon. There are so many … Continue reading

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With all the news in the world, the media fixation on Hollywood and their never ending series of self-aggrandizing awards ceremonies is curious. While I don’t begrudge any group getting together to celebrate their craft, the disproportionate amount of glory … Continue reading

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McCain, Again

He’s at it again.  As much as I want to continue to respect the man for any number of perfectly good standalone reasons, he is making it nearly impossible to do so. We all know Senator John McCain’s military history … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Radical Activism

College campus riots are nothing new but seem to be fashionable again.  Screeching lefties developed the practice into a fine art in the 60’s and have never really stopped.  They changed their tactics as they aged but took the time … Continue reading

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Immigration Simplified

The current problem that we face is complicated. No doubt about that fact. Illegal entry into this country has been ignored, obfuscated, and purposefully been made into the situation we now see. There are two main issues which we can … Continue reading

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What’s Next?

President Trump has had a very busy week, and so far, it seems like a very good one for the military as well as all the citizens of this soon to once again be a great nation.  A few of … Continue reading

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