On a day when bad news abounds, there IS a glimmer of hope.

Beer flavonoid may boost brain power!

As a diabetic I have to be careful,  BUT who didn’t know that beer boosted brain power anyways?

There IS a caveat in the article: “While hops are the only dietary source of the rare compound, it would require drinking 2,000 liters of beer— or 5,636 bottles of beer— for a person to get the same effect.

Gonna take some math and scheduling to make this work… Oh wait! Just need more beer.

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More “Workplace Violence”

Since a goodly number of folks seem to have either never learned or have forgotten some basic facts of life, here’s a primer on a few which relate directly to murder statistics.

When collecting data, arbitrary identifiers are necessary in order to sort the data into categories which can be compared. Usually these identifiers relate to things with which ordinary folks are familiar especially when the data is used for reporting things like crime statistics.

What sort of categories are typically used? Well, just about anything will do, but most commonly we hear things like motivation, location, time of day, age of victim and murderer, and previous criminal records of each. These are also the exact bits of information that news collectors and reporters talk about when distributing stories to the public.

So what is with this “workplace violence” thing? Continue reading

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Irony Writ Large

The older I get the more Irony I see. Likely it was always there. but it does seem rampant just now. I won’t explore all of those details here, but…

This article : “Russia at U.N. accuses U.S., allies of bossing world around!” simply reeks of irony.

Once I get past the notion that this current administration with its feckless foreign policy choices could be called a sort of bullying I’m left with the Pot/Kettle/Black element.

After the headline the article is more coherent than the Russian rep, but…

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But I just don’t much like Opera

One of the most difficult concepts to communicate, for me anyway, is that I can admire the vocal skill and emotive chops of an opera star… BUT I still wouldn’t walk across the street to SEE an opera.

Ballet dancers can do amazingly beautiful physical feats, BUT I have no interest in seeing a full ballet either.

Ditto for Pro sports and many other similar skill sets.

My point? Imagine if pro sports or the opera adopted a sort of “Radical Islamic Method” for dealing with potential fans?

Don’t wear the correct team t-shirt or fall asleep during the third act and….


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On Boredom…

Seems that getting older can lead to a certain boredom?

If one hangs their soiled underwear out for all to see it gets boring after a bit.

In my case FaceBook engendered a phase.

So, this here place is my patch. A coupla friends have kept it alive with little real input from me.

That is gonna change.

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That seems to be an often used word these days, but the latest one for me is wondering why there are so many US owned weapons, weapon systems, and various armaments left, apparently abandoned, in the Middle East. Some were evidently gifted to officials, armies, and/or “rebels.” Others were stolen, of course, like that cache in Benghazi. It looks like many vehicles and things were simply left in place for whoever might claim ownership.

Forget that these are expensive items which we taxpayers bought for our military to use. Forget that it is silly to give weapons to people who even remotely might turn them against us. Yeah, forget all that security and safety stuff. We all learned when we were very young that it’s just not polite to go to someone else’s house to play and leave your toys behind when you go home.


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Don’t Mean Nothin’

50 years ago a thing happened. There are many versions of what transpired.

A version can be found at Stars and Stripes:

The politics don’t mean a thing, The names on The Wall do.

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Are We All AWOL?

Some of us have been a bit lazy with our posting lately. Maybe dealing with things like broken bones has something to do with that.

Just wanted to post here that while one of us has healed from a broken leg, the other one is now DNIF with a busted wing tip. At least there are no indications that surgery will be required. Maybe I’ll catch up on my reading during R & R. Or sleep. Or something.

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Climbing a Mountain – 16 July 1969

45 years ago today a thing happened. Three MEN left Earth with goal of climbing to the moon. As many did, I watched them begin their climb safely from in front of a TV here on Earth.

A few days later I also watched them put bootprints on The Moon. I was in awe, as were many. I also relished their safe return.

The other Moon missions came and went with less fanfare. BUT we had done it! YES! WE had done it as a country as well.

Some time later I had the pleasure of working with some that had supported those missions from Hawaii. We were gearing up for The first Space Shuttle launch. They had only been able to listen over the NASA loop back then, and had never seen a launch in real time. Mainland TV was delayed until later.

Later we newbies asked about how they felt. They swung the dish ON the moon to look at some experiments still there… And said WE helped to do that.

Now we depend on The Russians to carry warm bodies into orbit, etc.

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Is It July Already?

According to the calendar, yes it is July. Summertime. Vacations at the beach. Weekends in the mountains. Fun in the sun. And Independence Day celebrations with friends.

Meeting with old friends. That’s on my agenda this week. It will be fun, there will be sun, and the annual fireworks display. And food. Lots of food and good company. Is there a better way to celebrate this wonderful country?

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