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If Monday morning only essential personnel are supposed to report to work, why are those who are not essential employed on any other day?

One year ago the adults took over. It’s been ugly at times, but things look better today than they have in a very long time.

Some lefties, or at least their useful idiots, proved again that they shouldn’t ask questions if they don’t want the answers. Seems that there’s a memo out which proves the left did exactly what they accuse Trump of doing and a whole lot more. Bureaucrats are arguing about whether we the people deserve to know the details. Duh.

I am grateful that a family near me has finally received word that their adopted foreign children will be allowed to enter the country. It only took nine years.

Maybe all will become clear when the snow melts.

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Hello? Can You Hear Me?

We haven’t really disappeared from the blogosphere. Not even certain why it has been so long since either of us has opined about something. Surely a couple of aging vets still can formulate something to say about all that is occurring around the world.

Maybe some day soon we will air another of our infamous articles. Or whatever it is that we do around here.

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Principled Reality vs Situational Relativism

Some of us were introduced to a new term today as President Trump began his first international tour in Saudi Arabia.  That theme expresses precisely the hope many of us have for his term in office.  We saw him as an unapologetic American who wants for each of us the very best that our country has to offer.  We want to once again play for the winning team.  We want everyone to have these opportunities, but understand that we must take care of ourselves first in order to continue to be a light for others to follow.  Today President Trump suggested that all of us join with the leaders of Islamic countries, some 55 of them, in treating the problem of terrorism with principled realism.

For decades now we have degenerated into the abyss of situational relativism, a concept which is counterproductive and thoroughly at odds with the best interests of the American people.  We have thrived for centuries accepting that right is right and wrong is wrong no matter who does it.  Your eye color, gender, hair length, shoe size, or a long list of other things should not excuse bad behavior or cause you to be punished for things others are not.  It’s just not fair, and it complicates our lives if we must continuously apply different standards based on arbitrary things which have nothing to do with the task at hand. Continue reading

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Spring Has Sprung

Signs of spring abound – lawns being mowed, birds chirping, flowers in bloom, and trees budding out. Intermittent rains fall in preparation for seeds soon to be planted. New growth, rebirth, and a general sense of new opportunities, even well being.


OK, I will admit that spring is my favorite season. So many possibilities. Gardens, summer trips, circling fire pits with friends, and picnics will all soon be here. Winter is hibernation time. We need those months to slow down the pace a bit. But now comes spring, and a new growth cycle begins.

Finding things to do now that all the windows can be thrown open isn’t difficult these days. Too many chores to do some days. But in the late afternoons, sitting out back beside the creek? Nothing quite like it. Throw in a book with perhaps a cat on the lap and it nearly perfect.

No, I will not start reciting poetry or singing show tunes. But I might, because it’s SPRING!

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An Anniversary

Ten years ago this morning a group of patriots, mostly veterans, gathered in Washington DC to counter a disgusting assembly of lefty scum as they met at the Wall to recreate their 1967 march on the Pentagon. There are so many parts of that operation which are worthy of mention. But a few things continue to stand out in my mind.

On both sides of the street were people of very different backgrounds who came together for a common cause. Only one group had folks they either paid or otherwise enticed to be there. Seeing the local area yellow buses unloading school children at the site was an eye opener.

Perhaps the most graphic demonstration of the difference between the two groups came when they were literally facing each other across Constitution Avenue with the US Park Service mounted police between them. The whining children were loudly chanting, “What do we want?” followed by a garbled response most of us never identified, then, “When do we want it?” followed by, “NOW!” Meanwhile the Veterans were waving flags while chanting, “USA, USA, USA.” The children who can’t articulate a clear message but they want what they want and they expect someone to provide it right now vs the adults who know what is needed and have already proved their willingness to work hard to make it happen.

What a day. While A Gathering of Eagles wasn’t solely responsible for the awakening of this country, we certainly were an important part of it. It took others also doing important things to get us finally to this point. But we who served in the military understand that it takes each of us doing our jobs to accomplish the mission.

It was an honor to be a small part of the operation we called “A Gathering of Eagles.” Friends were made. Associations were cemented. But mostly, thousands of patriots were energized and given hope when they saw that many others shared their concerns.

Ten years later we see the ripple effect of that energy being directed in positive ways. Thank you all.

Another first person account, from Jonn Lilyea, can found here:  http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=247

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With all the news in the world, the media fixation on Hollywood and their never ending series of self-aggrandizing awards ceremonies is curious. While I don’t begrudge any group getting together to celebrate their craft, the disproportionate amount of glory and grandeur associated with entertainers congratulating themselves at their ability to pretend to be some character or another is unseemly. Among other things, it apparently gives them a sense that their opinions matter more than do the opinions of those they entertain. They don’t.

It should really come as no great surprise that folks who make a living from delusional behavior frequently fall into the trap of coming to believe their own imaginations. Even that is not a problem until they insist that the rest of us congratulate them for their delusions. We won’t.

Keep screeching, precious little snowflakes. You make yourselves less relevant with each of your self-absorbed public melt downs. Your media co-conspirators will dutifully continue to report your antics while the rest of us continue to laugh at your feelings, your filthy language, and your opinions. We just don’t care.

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McCain, Again

He’s at it again.  As much as I want to continue to respect the man for any number of perfectly good standalone reasons, he is making it nearly impossible to do so.

We all know Senator John McCain’s military history and about his stay at the Hanoi Hilton.  We also know that there are some questions about just where he was, who he might have betrayed, and other issues.  I have long been firmly in the camp with those who refuse to denigrate him, or any other Prisoner of War, for what they might have said or done under the absolute worst of circumstances as they tried to survive.  Most of us have experienced a time that we have been so sleep and/or nourishment deprived, perhaps emotionally pushed well past our ability to function properly that we may not even know what we said or to whom.  For that reason alone, I just will not question what can happen to a normal person when manipulated over an extended period of time into acting in ways even they cannot imagine.

Such is not the case with Senator McCain’s trip to the Munich Security Conference.  He spoke on behalf of the United States of America.  If he missed any sleep or meals, it was his choice.  It is unlikely that anyone subjected him to unusual manipulation but if they did, Senator McCain must have voluntarily submitted himself for it.

So, why did he violate one of the cardinal rules of international speaking engagements?  Is he so far gone these days that he doesn’t understand that speaking negatively about this country is never good, but that doing so in a foreign country is very bad?  Questioning the motives of other Americans during an official visit to a foreign country while speaking on behalf of all Americans to a Security Conference is especially bad.

Perhaps Senator McCain has forgotten some basic rules of civil behavior.  Maybe he has just gotten lost in the swamp, getting confused about which country is paying him.  The left is screaming so loudly and pitching so many fits about really stupid things that he may actually think that they are the majority who keep sending him into the swamp.

Yes, I read through his speech.  It wasn’t quite as bad as some of the headlines would suggest, but his were not appropriate words to speak to an international audience on foreign soil.  If he has forgotten that while we are indeed all citizens of the world, his first obligation is to the citizens of his state, perhaps he should consider stepping down as a United States Senator.

He just keeps doing things like this.  And it seems to be getting worse.  Perhaps it is just an indication that he is one of those ruling elite types who are threatened by the strength that We the People can wield when we have had enough of their antics.

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The Evolution of Radical Activism

College campus riots are nothing new but seem to be fashionable again.  Screeching lefties developed the practice into a fine art in the 60’s and have never really stopped.  They changed their tactics as they aged but took the time to mentor the younger generation to take care of the heavy lifting.  Training has gone very well as should come as no shock since the lefties control almost every college campus in the country.

Those 60’s radicals moved permanently into our colleges and universities where they found welcome comfort and protection.  They especially liked to control the education of future lawyers, journalists and educators.  Political ideology became much more important than facts, history and accountability for actions.  This practice didn’t really start in the 60’s.  It has been evolving for about a hundred years, sponsored and funded by the same kind of people who used trade unions for their thuggery back in the day. Continue reading

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Immigration Simplified

The current problem that we face is complicated. No doubt about that fact. Illegal entry into this country has been ignored, obfuscated, and purposefully been made into the situation we now see.

There are two main issues which we can address immediately that will help us sort through the confusion and chaos. We can and must stop adding to the problem and concurrently remove the incentives which contribute to the problem.

Just as we lock our household doors, not to keep out our friends, but to make access more difficult for whatever bad guy out there might or might not try to enter our home for unfriendly reasons, a sovereign nation has not only the right but the obligation to provide the same for the country. Our front doors are substantially made with heavy locks to control who gets into our homes. Why should our borders and other ports of entry be different from our homes? Continue reading

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What’s Next?

President Trump has had a very busy week, and so far, it seems like a very good one for the military as well as all the citizens of this soon to once again be a great nation.  A few of his nominations were even approved.  Some of them are people with whom we ordinary people are not familiar.  Based upon what I do know of the others, I have no doubt that they are each more than highly qualified for the positions for which they are being nominated or appointed.

After hearing a radio report that President Trump was signing Executive Orders at a blistering pace, curiosity go to me.  According to the official White House website, he signed exactly four Executive Orders 20-25 January 2017.  This is 27 January, so posting updates to the website may be lagging.  Let’s say he has added another four or five in the last day or two.  That would still be only a few Executive Orders especially if you consider just how many need to be reversed from what the previous occupant had signed.

Most of us veterans are overjoyed that the nomination of James Mattis was approved as our new Secretary of Defense.  As others have noted, anyone with the nickname “Mad Dog” is just what we need in the cabinet.  The nominees to head each of the branches of service also seem to be excellent.  Now, if we could just get everyone else approved, things could start moving.  Still, there must be undersecretaries at the Pentagon, assistants to whatsomevers in other agencies, and bean counters all over DC rewriting stuff for how they anticipate they will soon be operating.  Significant resume polishing is also going on.

Meanwhile, President Trump (yes, I do enjoy writing that) also signed eight Presidential Memoranda 20-24 January 2017.  These are what directed agency folks to do such novel things as follow the law, stop writing new regulations, and instituted the hiring freeze.  They may actually have as much impact upon us and our economy as do the Executive Orders he signed.  And he managed to find time to meet with one significant head of state, talk with quite a few others, and negotiate the support of several captains of US industry and labor unions.

Not a bad first week in office.  Sounds like he showed up to work as promised.  After putting up with a guy who was much more interested in golf, it is a welcome relief to see constructive things going on.  We are all anxiously awaiting what happens next week.We may not be there yet, but we are having some fun on the way.

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